Blacked Out

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You sure youre ok? You drank a ton tonight!Yeah, Im good!Ill see you two again soon!Nighty-night!G'night Naes!Whoa, crap! Ok, so I lied. Just gotta make it to the couch, then Ill be good!So glad we put this close to the door!Hmm?I take it you had fun.What're you doing slinking

You wont be fighting back...You know,I really dont get you, Naes.You're the most goddamn frustrating guy I've ever met!Problem is. I think it makes me want you all the more badly.What do I have to do, Naes? get you to fuck me??Vo I really have to be that direct? Just take what I L want? >jr

What can I do to make you want this?Dont I excite you?Is there nothing aboutme?Nothing at V all? Aco\dheartedI can't believe you. Naesl!Am I that invisible to you?!Im throwing myself at you. and its as if I'm not even here!Why do you hate me?\You talk way too goddamr

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W-wait,Micahl!If you keei doing thal I'm gonna. Aah!Aah, I can tell. Just came and still hard as a rock.Fuuah...Fuckinghell.Naes.Shut up. It's been a while for me, alright?Naes...I don't want to wait any longer...I want you to make me feel good, too...I want you to put it

Fucking hell, youre tight!I never knew...You could make such cutegirly noises. Micah!Your butt is making such lewd, sloppy noises, too...Its so sexy, I want to hear more...I want to hear you make moregirly noises!,yiff,,yiff G,yiff comics,Blacked Out,Newhalf Furry,Newhalf,yiff comics ENG

Turn your head this way...Look at me, Micah.I want to see your face...Thats the cute face I want to see.Yeah...Just like that...F-fuh-ck!N-Naes. youre grinding me too hard--GAHI cant hold it anymore!It feels too fucking goodI!,yiff,,yiff G,yiff comics,Blacked Out,Newhalf Furry,Newhalf,yiff comics

I love you.You know that, right..?I wish I could believe it wasn't. Naes.It's not just the booze talking.When you pass out. it'll be like tonight never happened.That'sokay.remembertonight.Even if you dont.*snicker* Oh. don't worry.I think he will.,yiff,,yiff G,yiff comics,Blacked Out,Newhalf

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