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It's not my fault! I just did a spell wrong. Ever since, every magical beast wants to stick its dick in me!Oooh! You cant lick me like that, Rover!It's great for my pet-walking businessBut sometimes my "clients take a while to, you know, finish... and I end up late for A.P. Alchemy. Again.My name's

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What were we doing?Wha-whathappened?I still don't understand.Whathappened??~ Well, some non-magicalsalamanders secrete a pheremone that makes females v so aroused.... ADamia, this could be big. Nobody even suspected that Vulcanus ^ Salamanders could do this!If I write a paper on this, I could get


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On a quiet night, cockubus queen Aliisza was out looking for some virgin fuck meat to devour!I'm getting my dick wet tonight, k oh yaaah! Ooh, an open window! Im getting me some of that prime princess puss!TIME TO STARTLE THE BITCH! ^Ooh, look't that prime cut of booty! Lets... get.. I

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I am the mouse hero; Knulla Muss!And my sword is the most happy sword ever., because it is a glad-ius!Only the bravest of adventurers could raise to the challenge! (also they had to be short enough to use the service entrance)Sr*9l/naName: Knulla Lvl; 12 HP: 36/36 Class: Hero Age: 23 Race MouseOne

Oh geez, soft dicks make for a hard climb!^I've got to turn them^ Sup, we're patronizing penii. Those suuure are some adult underpants., ^Oh no, you can^MIV j1 see my pantsu!, i1 ^ fL Sempai, don't Mklook!" Phew, just got out of that cock ^ pit. ^Aii they look cute but they are HORRID little

The hero this time is so cute... so you vcame to free me?Pardon me while I juggle my crystal v balls.Well,^now I'm free... feels so much better, i <3/" You remiTL of the hero (wnmwo?) The hero with the poontang! (Whodang?) remind me of A, the hero! ^/ ^ \I io-! \r1 ^7^ ^ ) S^r 1 saw my ^ hero,

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